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I´m back in Moz after spending Christmas at home with my family! I was only in the States for 2 weeks, but it was so nice to see my family and friends and to remember the little comforts of my old life (like relaxing on the couch while watching Top Chef and ordering pizza, definitely not something that I get to do over here). I was worried before I went home that I would feel like so much had changed and that I wouldn´t be able to relate, but it was much easier to transition back than I expected. I have a different perspective and my priorities have changed, but for the most part I´m the same old me! It was reassuring to see that my brother, sister, and I still have our inside jokes, that my dad still wants to take me to my favorite vegetarian restaurant, that my mom is still worried about me being happy so she goes out of her way to make delicious lemon bars when she´s already cooking Christmas dinner for 20 people. I think my trip home was definitely what I needed to spend time with my favorite people and get ready for my next year abroad!
When I got back to Moz, I realized how much I missed it when I was away. When I´m here it´s easy to complain about the heat, the spiders that inhabit every shoe and dark corner, the slow pace of life that can sometimes make weekends unbearable, living alone and getting into a routine of being in bed by 8pm. But I have such incredible friends here, the kids in my neighborhood are so adorable, and I feel like slowly I´m doing something (even if it´s not on as big of a scale as I would hope). So I´m back to bucket baths and eating beans. To sitting on chapas for hours on end just to get to the next volunteer. To heat rashes and sunburns. And I wouldn´t have it any other way.


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