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So as requested I am updating my blog! This past month has been relatively uneventful; I’m still trying to adjust to my life in Mopeia which has been really difficult. Mostly the cooking is where I’m stumbling because we don’t have many ingredients to work with, or microwaves or ovens or any of the wonderful kitchen tools that I was used to at home. But I’m surviving! I got a bike so I’ve started going on long rides which has really helped me to get out of the house more. I am still just overwhelmed by how beautiful my site is! It’s so green everywhere and only 5 minutes away there are beautiful fields full of papaya trees and corn growing and it just seems like it’s been this way for thousands of years, untouched by the skyscrapers and freeways that remind me of the landscape at home. But these past couple months at site have made me miss home so much! I’ve only been gone 5 months and I’m constantly thinking about all the little things at home that I took for granted without even realizing it. Someone asked me what is the one thing I miss the most from home and I said that there are two things I miss every day: my brother and my sister. Life without them is just not the same! But sometimes you just have to get away to realize what you truly have- and I have the most amazing siblings in the world!

This past week I have titled “The Week of All Things Giant” because it started with a giant tarantula that I found in the office. No I did not kill it, but a lady in the office did and it put up quite a fight. It took some intense insecticide, two attempts of stepping on it, a broom, and a puddle to finally get him! It was pretty traumatizing. Then there was the giant snail that was crossing the “road” outside of my house. He was bigger than my hand. Then there was the crocodile that was killed about 5 minutes away from my house. I did not personally see it because it was rumored to be pretty bloody, but my neighbor said it was big enough to eat a person (and 2 people have already been eaten in my district this year). And it ended with giant mushrooms. Seriously they were over a foot tall and bought by one of my coworkers on the side of the road. Unfortunately I didn’t get to try them but I think there’s still about half a foot left in the office so maybe next week.

But I’m in good health and in the city so I get to take a real shower which is always appreciated (although I did finally get the roof put back on my bathroom only 2 months after asking so I’m not feeling quite as exposed). And I just bought 5 avocados for about 60 cents so I really can’t complain! The kids are just as wonderful as always, it’s starting to cool down a tiny bit (I think it’s been in the mid-90’s instead of 110), and my brother and mom have promised me that they’ll come to visit this year! All is well here! And seeing as I don’t have anything terribly exciting to blog about, maybe I can get some help for my next post? Any questions that you want answered about Peace Corps life in Mozambique?


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