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Jordan just found out today where her assignment will be for the next two years!  I spoke with her on the phone and she’s ecstatic.  She is going to Mopeia, in the state of Zambezia.  She leaves in two weeks.

She will be working with Save the Children.  Her duties include working with HIV positive orphans, making home visits, monitoring patients, and distributing food.  This is the first time the Peace Corps have been to this village so she will get to set the precedent.  She had to rank her top seven choices of places to go and this was lower on the list because it said you had to have a background in  psychology.  Her director pulled her aside and asked if she wanted to do this and that she thought Jordan would be a perfect fit for this assignment!

Jordan’s Portugese is coming along great!  She was tested a few weeks ago and tested in the intermediate/mid-level range and has improved greatly since then.  Her teacher says she is the fastest learner and she spoke with someone the other day on the street all about the United States complete in Portuguese and they were able to understand her completely.

Jordan’s health has also been going really well as mentioned in a previous post.  Some other volunteers have gotten sick and been out for a few days but Jordan has yet to see any such maladies.  She claims that being a vegetarian helps and is keeping her healthy.

Today all the Peace Corps trainees got together for a Thanksgiving feast that everyone baked different things for.  The meal was complete with turkey, stuffing, yams, garlic mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie – she was surprised on how creative everyone was with their cooking.  Jordan made chocolate chip cookies as well as an apple crisp.  She says it sounds much easier than it is because their ovens are not what we are used to at home.  She couldn’t explain the oven very well but said it was much closer to an easy bake oven than anything else.

Jordan is going to the capitol in the next few days and a mall there offers 30 minutes of free internet.  She’s going to take her computer so that she can finally email us some pictures!  They will be posted here as soon as I get them.

She is very excited and everything is going well and she is really going to miss the family she has been staying with since they have gotten along so well.

I found some photos online of someone that has been to the area.  You can see his photo gallery here.

Here’s a map of the village she is going to:

I sent Jordan the follow pic of Bogey in his Thanksgiving sweater and then received the response below:


From Jordan:

Oh my- he does not look happy! You’re kind of a celebrity with my
family and they said you’re very bonito. Also they think bogey is the
most handsome dog in the world and they would all like to get
passports so they can meet him! And my mama told me that i’m the best
volunteer because i like to shower and i don’t eat meat so i haven’t
been sick!

From Jordan:

So im officially a month in and halfway through training! These past 4 weeks have been a whirlwind- trying to learn portuguese as quickly as possible, living with a new family, and trying to learn the culture and customs so i can adapt to my new life in mozambique! I haven’t seen much of the country because we’ve been reserved to our training town of namaacha right on the border with swaziland, but it’s incredibly beautiful! We’re in a hilly area that is lush and green with mango and papaya trees everywhere. My family has been so welcoming which has made the transition much easier. We live on the side of a hill which makes the walk- or climb- home really interesting, but gives me a panoramic view of the valley and duck babies that visit every day. Training has been long- there is a lot to learn about the hiv epidemic and the numerous other tropical diseases that are plaguing mozambique. But we’ve had great speakers from pepfar, usaid, and the ministry of health. I’m just excited to find out my site placement and what my actual job will be focusing on! We get the news on thanksgiving (very fitting) so then i’ll know where i’ll be living for the next two years. Other than that, the people have been nice, the food is delicious (coconut beans! And it’s been so easy to be a vegetarian), and i haven’t been sick! All is well on this side of the world! I miss everyone at home and i hope you’re all well and had a great halloween (i dressed up as an 80’s flight attendant and drank “california pine whizz” soda which is as good as it sounds)!

I forgot to mention that my house is having a little rat problem at night because of all the rain (sounds scarier than it actually is) so my family decided to get a cat. I got to pick her out and name her (ashton bogey) and she fits in the palm of my hand! Considering the rats are bigger than her i dont think is going to get rid of our problem but i have a new friend!


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