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From Tim Rief:

Talked to Jordan this morning.  All is good.  She is getting used to being far from home and the realization that she is there for a very long time.  Got away for some soda and chocolate last Sunday.  That helps.  They are going to some of the existing Peace Corps sites in Mozambique in a few weeks.  That should help give them perceptive of what is to come.

Will keep you posted.

Here are some news articles on the Mozambique Election:
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Mozambique:Dhlakama Threatens to Take Power by Force

I spoke to Jordan this past Sunday, just 9 days after she arrived in Mozambique.
She is living with a family who has 3 girls; 10, 15, and 17 years old. Their
house is on the side of a mountain and Jordan raved about how beautiful and
green it was.

They have yet to serve meat, which Jordan is happy about, but she  is eating plenty. Her “mom” makes her an enormous breakfast each morning and sends her off to school with a lunch pale full of cookies, crackers, and a juicebox.

Each day she has 3 hours of Portuguese lessons with the other volunteers. She said she is having a difficult time communicating with her family because the dialect is different than the Rosetta Stone recording, but she is sure she will pick it up quickly.

She, along with the other volunteers, said that the first week is the hardest because you realize all that you forgot. For instance, getting dressed each morning with no mirror is a culture shock in itself, but Jord said that because nobody has a mirror she knows that everyone will look just as crazy.

The weather has been much nicer than anticipated. She has even been wearing sweatshirts, which she was not expecting, but it will heat up soon enough.

She showers each morning by pouring water over her head in a designated area outside of the house. The bathroom is also located outside. The house has electricity but that only means that there is 1 light bulb in each room. She gets in bed around 8pm because it is so dark and is woken each morning by a rooster at 4:30am. Then at 5:30am she gets to hear the sound of crows and lizards walking on her tin roof. She watches soap operas with her family but cannot understand what they are saying. She is just glad that they have been so welcoming. She helped her “mom” cook lunch one day and it took 3 hours.  There is no convenience factor but she has quickly adapted.

She sounds happier than ever before.

PC Moz 14_crop

I made it to Mozambique!!! The flight was really long but we finally made it to the hotel in Maputo. We got some shots today and had dinner but everyone is exhausted from the long flights. It looks nice so far but we haven’t really seen much. The next couple of days are just orientation and going over some basics then we go to our homestay families on Saturday. I think I’ll be able to buy a phone a week from Saturday so then we’ll be able to talk more! Everything is going great, I’m just really tired so I’m off to bed because we have an early morning. Talk to you soon! Love you!!

– Jordan


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