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The most recent email from Jordan:

I made it to Philadelphia without any problems and I even had my own row on the plane. So I have orientation tomorrow at noon and then I’ll try to give you more updates tomorrow before I leave. I miss you all already and I love you!!!

– Jordan

I’m leaving in a few days to embark on my incredible journey in the Peace Corps going to Mozambique. After being delayed a year, not knowing if I would get my same assignment, and finally the relief of getting re-accepted to Mozambique, I am excited, nervous, anxious, and feeling a mixture of so many other emotions as I get ready to leave. Of course the looming fear I have at the moment is the thought of leaving my wonderful family and friends. I am so appreciative of the support I’ve been given over the past year, dealing with the sadness and pain of losing my amazing grandma and getting the encouragement to move forward with my dream to travel and make a difference (or attempt to). So thank you to everyone who has helped me on this journey thus far- I have never felt more loved and I am so lucky to have such fantastic people surrounding me. I will miss you all and I hope that you’ll follow me as I start this new chapter. 

That being said- I want to share the little that I know about Mozambique so far. Here is a link to the CIA World Factbook’s page about Mozambique:


Mozambique is a country known for its amazing natural beauty, long coastline, fabulous diving, and welcoming people. It is also a country that was plagued by a bloody civil war and one that struggles with the horrific pandemic of HIV/AIDS. The life expectancy at birth is only 41 years of age, an astonishingly low number due to the HIV rate towering at about 12.5% (although this is an outdated percentage and new estimates list it to be around 14%). It is in the top 8 countries in the world for the amount of people infected with HIV/AIDS. 

So Mozambique is a country with its fair issues, but with a lot of hope for change. And hopefully as a Health volunteer I can make a positive impact, no matter how big or small it may be.


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